Delivering Large Cakes

You have been planning this for months, staying up long nights, agonizing over the details of your newest masterpiece. Now it is time to move the cake from your workspace to the venue. Delivering cakes can be the most stress-inducing part of the whole business, how on earth are you going to get this thing from here to there? Calm yourself, take a few deep breaths in, and I will go over the steps to successfully delivering your product.

Cake Delivery Checklist

Not only is baking and decorating a process, understand that it is just as important to plan all the way through the delivery. An excellent tool to have is a delivery checklist (check out this one from The Sugar Arts Institute) to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Make sure you have the address and directions as well as a contact name and number for the venue. Have you considered how many people you will need to assist you in carrying the cake inside, Will you need to have a delivery cart available? These are just a few of the questions you will want to ask yourself when creating your checklist.

Transportation for Your Cake

Next, let’s talk about packaging the cake for transport. You typically will not want to travel with tiered or layered cakes assembled, choose heavy-duty cake boxes to house your cakes, and be sure to have a sturdy cake board that is the same size as the box you are using; it will minimize movement of the cake during delivery. Also, make sure to have any delicate decorations such as sugar flowers or toppers in a separate box.

Getting it in the Vehicle

Now that you have everything packaged it is time to put everything in the delivery vehicle, which should already be clean. You will want to place the boxes on a sturdy flat surface, preferably in the trunk of your car if you do not have a delivery van for your business. After all of the boxes are placed in the car, you will want to take a moment to look for any spaces you think they may slide into and put an empty box or a few towels there to fill the gaps. If by chance you do have a vehicle that’s the proper size to transport an assembled tiered cake, make sure that it is adequately supported and has a dowel through the center as well to keep it sturdy. The car is all packed up, and you are ready to go! Make sure that you drive carefully to the venue, avoiding any steep roads on the way if at all possible. You can even purchase a “Cake on Board” sign to alert other drivers to your precious cargo.

Scout Out the Display Table (and the path too it!)

If you have one, make sure to set your GPS to the safest route and watch those turns on the way! Once you have arrived at the venue, notify the proper people of your arrival and head in to check out the display table before you bring in the cake. Once you have made sure, there are no obstacles in the way, have your helpers carefully assist you in bringing in each box from the car. Before assembling the cake, you will want to make sure the table is level, double and triple check this, bring a spirit level with you to be sure.

Finally, complete the necessary repairs and touch-ups to the cake and assemble all the pieces and decorations. Once you are happy with the finished display, take a photo for your portfolio, as well as proof of an expertly delivered cake.

Make sure to get your contact at the venue to sign a delivery form for you as further proof of delivery to the client. Now that all your hard work is complete you can finally take a deep breath and relax!

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