Which Cakes Should Be Refrigerated

frosting on cupcakes

We all know that product spoils much faster when left out at room temperature than when appropriately stored in the refrigerator. However, what about things that we create at home, like cakes? Do all cakes have to go in the fridge? Let’s go over all the reasons why you might want to put specific baked goods in the refrigerator.

Frosting or No Frosting?

If the snack in question is something as simple as a blondie, brownie, or perhaps a quick bread like banana or pumpkin, then the answer is no, you will not need to worry about keeping these handy on your kitchen counter for about 4 to 5 days.

Keep in mind, however, that if the cake or bread with icing on it, you may need to consider refrigerating it, depending on the ingredients used. Any frostings that use butter, whipped cream or cream cheese need to be covered and placed in the refrigerator.

Imagine you have a beautifully baked and layered Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, if you fail to keep this treat cold, you may just find the layers sliding apart because your icing got warm and runny. Ruining a perfectly good cake by not storing it correctly, would be enough to frustrate anyone, so don’t forget to put those that need it in the fridge!

Room Temperature Storage

Cakes that have with an Italian meringue can be loosely covered and stored at room temperature for a few short days. When chilled, the meringue’s texture could be compromised, making it weep and separate. If you have not devoured a cake such as this within a couple of days, however, you might want to toss it in the fridge just to be on the safe side.

Any cakes glazed with powdered sugar mixed with milk or any other liquids can safely sit on the kitchen counter for up to 4 days. The same would go for a cooked icing that has a high sugar content, such as a brown sugar glaze type icing. Keep in mind that if your home tends to be on the warmer side, you may still want to put these treats in the refrigerator. High humidity, high sugar, and high temps will lead to a bacterial feeding frenzy on your baked goods, so if you are unsure what the safest way to store is, you might consider just covering your goodies and putting them in the fridge.

Fruits = Fridge

cake with fruit

Lastly, you will also want to make sure any baked goods made with fresh fruits get stored in the refrigerator. The exception to this rule is, of course, any food that has been made with dried fruits, as these will not spoil at room temperature.

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